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Cheyenne Ryan happy twin mom certified ThetaHealer and instructor, happy mom, happy mompreneur

Hi, I'm Cheyenne Ryan...

I'm an over-the-moon-Happy, busy, artsy, driven, adventurous, mom of twins who lives her absolute dream life. My latest super powers include: effortless redirection, no-drama boundaries & discipline, connecting with my kids and growing their wonder and discovery, empowering little women so they can grow into powerful grown-up women who change lives. I'm open and forgiving, smart, energetic, fun, and strategically but mercifully direct. And reliable and committed. Above all, I'm a Super Happy Mom.

Was this always my story?

Nope. In fact, there was a time when I chose to go against my counselor’s recommendation to take antidepressants. Even though I was triggered every day for just over a year into watching “mental videos” of me hurting myself. Looping over and over while I cared for my absolutely precious, beloved, miracle children. I was living a nightmare even though all my dreams had finally come true after years of infertility struggle. 

Yes, I was that much of a mess. Oh yes, I wish I had a much less RAW story to tell. 

I don't share this story for sympathy, or to vie for the title of "Most Miserable Mom." I hope things aren't that painful for you, and I am certain there are plenty of amazing women with messier stories.

I share this because if you're not able to be the Mom you want to be right now, things can absolutely change for you, too.

How did I get from there to here?

I found an absolutely amazing technique called ThetaHealing®.  I knew nothing about it, was referred by a friend to a practitioner after sharing what I was enduring. 

I was willing to try anything. Except drugs.

To my complete astonishment, after a single one-hour session, the next time the trigger occurred…  NO VIDEO. Like a defused bomb, my brain just didn’t fire those synapses together again. They never have since

After a relatively brief re-shuffling, I found myself living ALL of my dream, still married to my best friend who is recovering from his military wounds, starting my dream business, and supporting other amazing Moms to change what's possible for them in their lives, and in their family's lives. And most importantly, I became the patient, solid, connected, inspiring mom I had longed to become - the Mom I know my precious children truly deserve.

Did I have more work to do after that first session?

Of course I did! I’m not saying one session and poof! everything was princesses and castles. But one session can change WAY more than you currently believe.

And after that first session, I had the energy to get started on the rest.

And I launched into it like a woman on fire.

So I KNOW you can have deep, true, lasting change in your life, and that you can start QUICKLY and continue STEADILY

But I CAN’T make you ready, that’s up to you.

What does READY mean?

It doesn't mean you know how to get there. It means that you're willing to take the next step. To let go of the old way and allow YOUR new way to move forward and unfold. You really can't know yet exactly how your story goes, because your story is YOUR story. 

But I know the secret - that you deserve more. And your kids deserve more of you. But to find you, to become the next version of you, you DO have to try something new, unfamiliar, and COMMIT TO IT ALL THE WAY. 

When you ARE ready...

When you’re ready to LAUNCH into your life in the way you’ve always dreamed, I can tell you with absolute certainty that YOU’VE GOT THIS MAMA. If I could slog through all that nastiness, you can definitely get through what is in your way. 

But I didn't do it alone - I had guidance and support. For me, my family and old friends, even my counselor, weren't enough. They held the space for the old me. I needed, and I urge you to find, someone to hold space for the new you - someone who knows what's possible in a way that even you can't yet grasp.

I'd be honored to hold space for the new You. Are you ready to change your family's future?

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