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If Mama ain't Happy...

Being a Mom is the most important job you'll ever have. It also has the highest stakes. You're starting a whole new person's life. Except for those of us (including me) starting more than one person at a time! And unfortunately it's also the job for which most of us have the least preparation, training, experience, and expert support.

I offer individual and small group coaching programs for busy, worn out, frazzled Moms who know they're capable of more...

  • more love
  • more energy
  • more patience
  • more fun
  • less frustration
  • less exhaustion
  • less disappointment
  • less losing your... ahem... cool
  • more forgiveness for yourself and others
  • more connection  
  • WAY more joy 
  • WAY more magic

Whatever the source of pressure you’re operating under, this program can support you reestablishing balance. Whether you’re Mom of 2 or more lovely infants or toddlers, or your kids are older and you're struggling to balance work + kid life, there's hope. And it's not your fault. If you are struggling to figure out what's keeping you shackled in misery when you know how deeply, truly blessed you are, please don't give up before giving yourself a real chance at healing. 

You CAN have so much more than survival. 

I am committed to sharing the way out with as many Moms as possible - Moms who are willing to try something new in order to take a chance at actually having the family life they dreamed of for so long.

I use a technique called ThetaHealing® to support Moms in quickly and dramatically changing what's possible for them. This is not therapy - not even close. It's kinda hard to explain exactly what it is, but I can tell you from experience both personal and professional - IT WORKS. Things you've been "working on" for years can just be completely different, and easier than you'll ever believe. I've never seen anything else quite like it, in terms of technique or, more importantly, results.

I can't promise to make your kids NOT act like 2 year olds, or newborns, or whatever they are. I can't promise your dear husband will wash the dishes your way. But I can absolutely commit to guiding your transformation into a truly, deeply Happy Mom. All you have to do is show up as best you can and be candid and open. I absolutely know we can change your life. 

I know it's hard or impossible to carve out an hour to do anything just for you. I know lots of you have spouses working ridiculous hours, no family nearby to watch the kids, all your money is going for diapers, clothes, and food, and you have a whole crew of little people with huge needs that you (and often you alone) have to meet. I know because I've been there. 

So I have lots of flexible options: free workshops in the community, host a free workshop in your home, individual sessions, individual and group weekly coaching sessions. I can tell you that for me, weekly individual & group sessions via Skype/Zoom/FaceTime after my kids went to bed completely changed my life.

I'm very creative, and VERY committed to Moms who want more, Moms who are ready to break through and be deeply, continuously Happy Moms.

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If Mama ain't happy...

Cheyenne Ryan ~ Happy Mom 101