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What on Earth is a Subconscious Deep-Scrub Program???

Sooo... I used to call my programs "coaching"... but, in truth, I'm not a trained coach, and I don't act like one.

So, I surrender - they're not coaching programs.

What ARE my programs? And what am I if not a coach? 

I'll start with me - I'm a computer scientist for your belief system. A change facilitator. And, in the longer programs, I'm a project manager for the rewrite/redesign of your operating system.

And my programs? They are strategic, progressive peeling-back-of-the-layers of YOUR programming/operating system. We go through and find sections of code or entire programs that are no longer necessary or are slowing you down, and we modify them so that you keep the benefits and transform/remove the limitations.

What's the advantage to this Deep-Scrub?

Normally in your life, you become aware of something you want to be or do or have. You make efforts to be/do/have that. Maybe you succeed, but often you get stuck.

9 out of 10 times, you get stuck because of your limiting beliefs - your programming.

Don't get me wrong - the subconscious is amazing, and is designed to protect you, to help you adapt, survive, and thrive. It's done this for you and your ancestors for millennia or longer. I completely honor your programming, your subconscious, and the  job your subconscious has done to get you and your ancestors to this moment. But some of it is keeping you stuck, and needs some tweaking, debugging, and updating.

There are all kinds of ways to respectfully change limiting beliefs/programming. A single ThetaHealing® session with me will launch you through current limits quicker than most traditional methods, and a we'll have time to identify and "unlimit" a few others.

A Subconscious Deep-Scrub will launch you through THAT limit, and VAST ARRAY of limits you don't even know you have yet. It's like flying over miles of snaggled tangles of rush hour traffic. 


So, here are a few of the programs I offer...

The Unlimited Life Program

This program is suitable for anyone who's ready to move forward with a new chapter or new endeavor, or is ready to finally move forward on a very familiar but STUCK endeavor. 

You've probably heard it said - if you' could've done it alone, you'd have done it by now

It not entirely true, but the truth is that something is holding you back, and you can go WAY FASTER with the right help.

 And the first step is to remove or change subconscious programing that has you grinding to a halt.

Please note: as I described above, this is NOT a coaching program. This program is designed to identify and change the reasons you're not moving forward in your specific goals AND in all areas of your life, with OR without a coach. If you're used to coaching, this will be... different. 

After you complete this program, you may want a coach to help you with strategy on your specific project - or you may find you can make enormous progress on your own! Either way, your choice. But progress will be SO MUCH EASIER when you're not fighting with your own subconscious programming.

Honing Your Intuitive Perception

This program is the closer to what you'd think of as "coaching", with lots of subconscious deep-scrub incorporated.

Intuition can be SUPER misleading when our programming is optimized for outdated situations and relationships... without discernment and awareness, our intuition often feeds us inaccurate information. 

When your subconscious belief system is updated and cleaned up, however, your intuition can start giving you great info - in relationships, business, finances, any area of your life. ;) 

Even then, it's helpful to have objective support as you practice honing your intuitive perception, and you need to develop discernment on influences that can impact accuracy.

This course focuses on those aspects - cleaning up limiting beliefs and programming, developing discernment, practicing using your intuition, and becoming more accurate with your intuitive senses.

Happy Mom 101 - Because if Mama ain't Happy...

Being a Mom is the most important job you'll ever have. It also has the highest stakes. You're starting a whole new person's life. Except for those of us (including me) starting more than one person at a time! And unfortunately it's also the job for which most of us have the least preparation, training, experience, and expert support.

Whatever the sources of pressure you’re operating under - work, solitude, pressure from family and friends, relationship challenges, my Happy Mom 101 program can support you in getting clear, reestablishing balance, and creating the family dynamic that best supports you, your family, and your unique dreams.

This program is for you IF...

  • you are a  busy, worn out, frazzled Mom
  • you are a Mom who wants to Enjoy the Moment more
  • you are a Mom who wants 
    • more energy
    • more patience
    • more fun
    • less frustration
    • less exhaustion
    • less disappointment
    • less losing your... ahem... cool
    • more forgiveness for yourself and others
    • more connection  
    • WAY more joy 
    • WAY more magic
    • a little time to remember who YOU are BESIDES Mom

I use a technique called ThetaHealing® to support Moms in quickly and dramatically changing what's possible for them. This is not therapy - not even close. It's kinda hard to explain exactly what it is, but I can tell you from experience both personal and professional - IT WORKS. Things you've been "working on" for years can just be completely different, and easier than you'll ever believe. I've never seen anything else quite like it, in terms of technique or, more importantly, results.

I can't promise to make your kids NOT act like 2 year olds, or newborns, or whatever they are. I can't promise your dear husband will wash the dishes your way. But I can absolutely commit to guiding your transformation into a truly, deeply Happy Mom. All you have to do is show up as best you can and be candid and open. I absolutely know we can change your life. 

I know it's hard or impossible to carve out an hour to do anything just for you. I know you may have a spouse who's working ridiculous hours, no family nearby to watch the kids, all your money is going for diapers, clothes, and food, and you have a whole crew of little people with huge needs that you (and often you alone) have to meet. I know because I've been there. 

So I have lots of flexible options for super busy Moms. I know that, for me, weekly individual & group sessions via Zoom/phone after my kids went to bed completely changed my life. Completely. Changed. My. Life.

I'm very creative, and VERY committed to Moms who want more, Moms who are ready to break through and be deeply, truly, continuously Happy Moms.

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If Mama ain't happy...

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