One ThetaHealing Client's Story

"All I can say is, I don't know how, but theta healing works. I am definitely not your typical new age/hippy type person. I've had training in traditional counseling methods and know the value in those methods. However, theta goes beyond that. After a divorce years ago and a custody battle, I was carrying around so much trauma and guilt that was incredibly destructive and keeping me trapped from living and enjoying my life now. I was so desperate for relief and change that I was ready to start medication. Then Cheyenne started her healing practice and I didn't think there was anything I could lose by trying it. There was immediate change after our first session which lasted all of 15 minutes, maybe. I was floored, a bit skeptical, and wondered what just happened. My second session was a couple of months later after dealing with my ex and having a conversation with him that left me upset for days. Cheyenne did about an hour and a half long session and when I saw my ex the next day I had a completely different emotional reaction to him than I have ever had before. Relief! When you are ready for change and no longer willing to be stuck in the past trauma of your life theta healing works."

A Coaching Client's Testimonial

I came to Cheyenne without any big issues or concerns. I am a confident person by nature and enjoy living in the chaos of stay-at-home motherhood with two young children, marriage, and running two businesses full-time from home, but I felt like I could certainly use more fluidity in my life (and really who can’t??). I started with Cheyenne without any expectations—I understood the gist of theta healing but that was about it…I simply arrived fully open to the experience.

And WOW. Cheyenne brought about such a magnificent awareness and shift within myself. 

Cheyenne is gifted and insightful. She effortlessly connected problems I was facing (recurring as well as issues that happened to pop up in my life that week) in such an absolutely profound way. 

For me the process was compounding; beginning with me being able to make and notice smaller changes in my habits at first, and then growing over the weeks as I began see this ball of energy manifest itself in my life in a bigger way outside of myself and my home and the people I knew. Imagine the best day where everything goes your way---on repeat.

She has shifted my energy, blocks, and thought patterns, and has given me the gift of being aware of my thoughts and actions as they occur. I feel like she has unleashed an awareness, a power and a newfound freedom within me that was there all along but was underneath a bunch of other useless junk that I seemed to always subconsciously pay more attention to. Best of all; my newfound freedom and peace feels fully authentic. I am well on my way to becoming the person I’ve always known/wished I could be.

Some of the wonderful changes that have happened in my life since beginning Theta Healing with Cheyenne:

  • To be able to be more assertive in both my business and personal life.
  • To emotionally not tether myself and my worth to the success and failure of every business interaction
  • To be more present
  • To stop being constantly unhappy and obsessed with time –whether it be feeling like I never have enough of it, or wishing it to slow down so I can savor certain moments of motherhood and my children’s lives.
  • To be fully confident in and to able to own my decisions and choices as a mother and an individual
  • To have the freedom to be myself without anticipating or feeling bound by the opinions of others
  • To be able to be simultaneously present as a stay-at-home mother and as a work-at-home mother
  • To go to the gym (and regularly and with passion I might add!) for the first time in 4.5 years
  • To make taking care of myself a priority without feeling like I’m taking from my family

I told her at our last session, “Everything is coming up Allie” lately. I feel this energy behind everything I do---and pieces of my life and business are easily and effortlessly falling into place theses days.

I am now really seeing myself (as a mother, as a businesswoman, and most importantly as an individual), and how little I was paying attention to my own needs and struggles, and how I was holding onto so many things that weren’t serving me (whether I was aware of them or not), and blocking me from experiencing so much more freedom and peace and joy and excitement in every facet of my life.

If you know there is a fire-y, spirited, capable, compassionate, confident, present, kick-ass person deep inside of you but you need help finding her then I can’t recommend Cheyenne enough. The best version of yourself already exists; she will simply help you find and unleash her.



Allie Brown


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