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As a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I am trained to listen to a person talk about their goals and dreams, and what's going on in their present reality. I ask questions and energy test to identify the subconscious programming and/or limiting beliefs and patterns that are held on a cellular level. Together with the client, we identify which beliefs that no longer serve them. Then, with the client's permission, I complete a meditation that combines a little bit of quantum physics and a little bit of miracle to change the programming and beliefs.

Sounds vague and esoteric. The results are real and immediate. Problems, thought patterns, habits you've been struggling with for years, can be completely and instantly transformed in ways you can't imagine.

Here are examples of some things that I've worked on with clients:

  • Changed subconscious programming relating to hypersensitivity to loud or persistent sounds, which resulted in the client having significantly more patience with their 2 year old, and also resulted in better sleep.
  • Changed beliefs for both individuals in a couple that resulted in immediate improvements in communication in ways the couple reported to have unsuccessfully worked on in counseling for years.
  • Cleared beliefs and regrets for a client relating to extreme disappointment and loss of hope after her dream and plan to move into a 5th wheel RV was crushed by her loan application being denied. Within 2 weeks of our session, she moved out of the hotel she's been in for 9 months, and moved into a rented RV that is saving her significant $$$ to put down on her own RV, and enjoying starting her lifestyle in a way she hadn't considered before our session.
  • Cleared limiting beliefs that were keeping a client cooped up and deeply unhappy during the cold months of winter. After her session, she was able to comfortably enjoy the outdoors with her family in winter, and to comfortably walk to events near her home in the cold. A few weeks after her session, she reported that she'd heard herself saying, "I used to have seasonal depression." Used to!!!

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